One-Tank Trips to Wisconsin Vacation Rentals

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No disrepect to my Indiana neighbors, but this Chicagoan, if she had the choice, would be a native Wisconsinite.

Maybe that’s because every since I met my Door County colleague, I’ve secretly wanted to shoot skeet, eat cheese curds, dance polka and down Wisconsin-brewed beers while watching a Badgers game. It’s the kind of pride that refuses to be hidden–just like her accent.

For now, I’d settle for a Wisconsin vacation rental like this Lake Geneva vacation home. It’s a one-tank trip from Chicago (there and back), and easy on the bank account. The Red Cottage rents for $1,200 a week, and is close to Lake Geneva proper, a town brimming with charm, from antique shops to lakefront mansions.

Naturally, the town revolves around the lake so if you like water skiing, boating or fishing, you’ll feel right at home. And if you don’t, well, wander along the 20.6-mile lakeshore trail or catch a ragtime band by the shore (which happens to be this weekend) or sail above the waters on a chartered balloon.

You won’t want to come back down.

Tell us @ checkincheckout on Twitter: What’s the best vacation destination from your hometown for a one-tank trip?

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