Open House Sunday: Florida Vacation Homes, the Keys to Paradise

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This Sunday’s Florida vacation rental could easily be mistaken for a luxury property for sale in any ritzy community.

But VIP trappings are available to anyone who books the Key Largo vacation home, which rents for $4,500-$4,700 a week, depending on the timing of your stay.

The four-bedroom home makes use of its tropical locale, fronted by 100 foot of beach and a pier. Most days and nights, though, you’ll be wading in the pool, which is heated 82 degrees year-round. An outdoor kitchen gives reason never to have to leave water’s edge, although, inside the home is just as spectacular.

The Mediterranean-influenced property could easily go overboard with heavy, opulent furnishings (there’s nary a crystal chandelier or marble figurine in sight), but favors its intricacies in wood, like the headboards, floors, bar stools and cabinets. The entryway to the living room keeps the space wide and open thanks to multiple windows and a cascading staircase.

For nautical adventurers, the convenience of a dock means being able to take out the 45-footer for those snorkeling and scuba expeditions made famous in Key Largo, the diving capital of the world.

For workaholics, there’s a WiFi connection, plus printer, scanner and fax for deadlines that absolutely can’t be missed. Talk about one helluva home office.

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