Open House Sunday: Florida Vacation Rentals With Star Power

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The fact that we all knew the precise moment when Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM bracelet went off is one indication that we’re consumed by celebrities.

We watch them–always–whether they’re on the red carpet or buying soy non-fat lattes. We buy their handbags and the Bugaboos they push their children in. We can even talk to them on Twitter, making us feel even more a part of their worlds.

The stargazing isn’t for everyone, but you will have a cool story to share if you rent the Miami Beach vacation rental pictured, one of many  Florida vacation rentals on The Art Deco mansion was once owned by Iggy Pop.

The property built in the 1930s is 3,200 square feet of elegance set on secluded North Bay Road near other celebrity havens, according to the owner. The four-bedroom house reflects the Old World aesthetic of the area with its Cuban tiles, dramatic ceilings and intricate iron staircase leading to the den. Each bedroom has its own bathroom, a welcome convenience for singles or couples traveling together. A massive stone chimney, while not practical given the sizzling climate of South Beach, is a stunning conversation piece in the living room.

Now here’s the part of the home that separates the haves from the have nots: There’s a fourth bedroom that functions as a studio apartment perfect for “teens, guests, or live-in housekeeper/cook,” the owner says.

Tell your entourage to start packing their bags. It’s time to live like a rock star.

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