Open House Sunday: North Carolina Vacation Rentals for Family Reunions

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Getting family members–all 27 of them–to agree on a time of year to meet for vacation is 90 percent of the battle. Add toddlers, summer camps and work schedules to the mix, and it’s no wonder why most of us don’t plan more family reunions.

But friends, it can be done, thanks to North Carolina vacation rentals like the one pictured.

The 13-bedroom, 9.5-bathroom Corolla vacation home delivers on all fronts: space, location, amenities, price and general WOW factor. Your cousin Jane, ever the bargain hunter whose time spent on the Internet could be categorized as borderline obsessive, won’t be able to argue that the property is cost-prohibitive. Sure, $7,995-$13,950 looks like a lot of paper, but break it down by family, and the bill would be cheaper than a high-end hotel.

If your calendar is flexible, look into booking it for the weeks of June 6 and June 13, when the weekly rent is $5,500.

Think of it: a 13-bedroom house where you could make all your meals, relax in the pool, watch DVDs in a private home theater, renew your vows (or heck, hold a mass wedding for all couples), make mojitos at the wet bar and not have to worry about sharing a bathroom.

For the kiddies, there’s the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, the bumper cars at Corolla Raceway and The Whalehead Club, a historic mansion that hosts a scavenger hunt for all ages. On the way, you may even see the wild horses roaming the beach.

And regardless of your family disputes on other matters (LeBron vs. Kobe, for example), on that you can all agree: Seeing wild horses run free is pretty darn cool.

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