Open House Sunday: Oregon Coast Vacation Rentals

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Even if you aren’t in the market for a new home, it’s still fun to peek into them.

It’s like trying on a gorgeous dress for a wedding next spring. You’ve put yourself on a diet until then, but you’re probably not going to buy just yet. You’re a careful, deliberate shopper. You research 500 options before you choose the right one.

To help you make an informed decision for this summer’s escape, consider your virtual open house for vacation properties. Every Sunday, we’ll highlight listings of all types, from Oregon Coast vacation rentals to Florida vacation homes. You’ll walk through dainty living rooms and down staircases that wind to private beaches. You’ll see gourmet kitchens designed for family reunions and decks that offer views of craggy cliffs and stunning seashores.

Owners, if you want your property featured, talk to us on Twitter @checkincheckout or

And now, for the deets on the Lincoln City vacation rental pictured above.

Such a darling little dollhouse, right?  Inside and out, its Northwest Americana decor boasts tasteful, classical furnishings like red, white and blue quilts in the Matey’s room, where four children can sleep comfortably in opposite-facing bunk beds and the crow’s nest bedroom, where a little girl will marvel at her canopy, wrought-iron bed and all the stuffed animals she can bring to a tea party.

Adults can relax oceanside on the big deck or in the game room styled like a Ralph Lauren home decor campaign–complete with pool table and handsome striped walls. The property even has its own name–SandeCastle–for all those creations the kids will be building in the large sandbox while parents fire up the barbecue.

The house sleeps 16 guests and is close to all the main attractions: The Connie Hanson Garden, Devils Lake and antique and outlet shopping. Whether you’re 6 or 56, you may not want to leave.

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