Open House Sunday: Panama City Beach Condo Rentals

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It may be Mother’s Day, but if you’re not with family and aren’t bound by school schedules, booking an early summer trip could be the medicine that your overworked bones need.

For regulars of Panama City Beach vacation rentals, the days are breezy, the waters glisten and most importantly, the condos are clean, comfortable and affordably priced.

Book the one-bedroom property above for May 22-May 29 and you’ll be saving $50 off the regular weekly rate, just $800 a week. For its setting at a five-star resort, the unit caters to singles, honeymooners and empty nesters seeking much needed time alone.

If we were you, we would be spending time at the …

1. tiki bar
2. rooftop pool
3. Pier Park, where familiar chains like Target, JC Penney and Victoria’s Secret keep you stocked on the essentials
4. Starbucks (because 90-degree weather shouldn’t keep you from your caffeine fix. Remember: Coffee is every bit as nice on ice.)
5. Skybar (for showing off those newly tanned shoulders in your coral chiffon strapless dress)

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