Open House Sunday: Saint Augustine Beach Florida Vacation Rentals

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You travel light–a pair a shorts, a few tees and a swimsuit that fold neatly in a backpack.

For what do you need on vacation, but the flip-flops on your feet and breathable cotton?

We’ll tell you what: a good deal on Saint Augustine Beach vacation rentals.

We found one in the two-bedroom condos featured on Anastasia Island, which tease us with their HD-quality brilliance. Do Floridian skies really look like that?

You’ll have to see for yourself. For a mere $500 a week (valid as of Sept. 10), you’ve got nothing to lose, especially with all the rest that Saint Augustine has to offer, including dozens of art galleries, a downtown historic district and a gorgeous marina.

And if any of your party detests the prefab feel of other destination towns, you can mention that a previous renter was on the same page. “The St. Augustine area is much less comercialized than many other vacation areas,” writes R. Werth of Ann Arbor, Mich. “No high-rise condos, no t-shirt stores on every corner, etc. St. Augustine is a much more beautiful and more relaxing place to vacation.”

And no doubt as beautiful as a technicolor postcard.

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