Open House Sunday: Wine Country Vacation Rentals That Wow

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Do you remember the first time you picked your first bottle of wine?

It probably coincided with your first adult dinner party, and selecting the right varietal had more to do with luck – the label was just too pretty.

Since then, your tastes have matured significantly, and you can tell the subtle differences between a Cab Franc and a Cabernet Sauvignon. You oenophile you.

Now, you and your friends have a reason to plan your vacations around your favorite past time. Road trip to Wine Country? The bags are already packed.

For your weekend at play, consider booking the California vacation rentals pictured, which are in the heart of Sonoma. The three-bedroom estate sits on 3.5 acres and boasts a solar-heated pool, two ponds, putting green, a private gate, a circular drive-way with a central fountain and a two-car garage. The best part: It’s five minutes from the vineyards.

Each room has a sliding glass door that opens to the yard, where you’ll no doubt be enjoying at least one of the bottles you picked up during your tasting tour. Hopefully there’s a chef among you to whip up the perfect meal to complete the woodsiness of the red.

Or something like that. :)

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