Oregon Coast Rentals for Beachcombers

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Oregon Coast rentals maybe aren’t the first spots you’d associate with summer vacation, but what if you live in places like Florida and Texas, where the humidity is so thick you could make soup?

Here’s a solution: Head to somewhere, dare I say it, mild. While your Tampa neighbors are complaining about 90-degree heat, you’ll be comfy in 70 degrees and chilly in the high 40s at night.

Call it the un-summer vacation–for tropical beach babies anyway.

The towns sitting along US Highway 101 link a string of oceanfront towns marked by seaside cliffs, dense woodlands and the calming blue Pacific. You may even spot a lighthouse or two or even a whale.

From luxury townhouses to craftsman cottages, the numerous lodging options allow guests to stay in vacation homes equipped for the largest of family reunions to a simple couple’s getaway. When you’re not walking along on the beach (Many of the houses have direct access to the coastline.), you can sample the local brews at Rogue Ales Public House, go antiquing for heirloom quilts and just enjoy the wildlife, like sea lions at play in the caves in Florence.

Trust me, there’s plenty to do.

And if there isn’t, so what. You’re supposed to be on vacation.

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