Oregon Coast Rentals on Your Facebook Page?

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Is a Facebook friend’s association enough to convince you to rent a vacation home?

A company in Oregon hopes so. Second Porch launched a new application on the popular social networking sight that connects potential renters with properties. Whether it’s an Oregon coast rental or Florida vacation home, travelers will be able to “friendsource” those listings they like, make recommendations and weigh in on the rentals, some 300 since the site completed initial tests this summer, according to The New York Times.

Some folks, however, prefer Facebook without a side of solicitation. People visit to see their cubicle mate’s antics from the bachelor party last weekend or the ever-pressing, important news that Jane Smith is about to get her teeth cleaned. When businesses start creeping in, does it become annoying, and would you download this application?

Another issue to consider: What if this friend’s listing doesn’t measure up to your expectation? Often friendships go sour with a bad business deal.

VacationHomeRentals.com takes the legwork out of your vacation home search, showcasing thousands of cottages, chalets, mansions, condos and apartments all in one place. You’ll stumble across user reviews, amenities, even the closest airport in a clean, straightforward profile page.

And any Facebook user knows that you can attach a link to any status update if you’re really trying to push something.

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