Oregon Vacation Rentals: Luring Fall Vacationers

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From Oregon Coast vacation rentals to North Carolina vacation homes, owners find themselves wondering just how to lure those fall vacationers.

This time of year, it’s all about the packaging.

While summer travelers shoot for weeklong vacations, consider tempting consumers with shorter stays during the off season, including one night free deals. With the holidays coming up, most of us have a PTO day here and there to use or lose before the year ends.

Condo owners, now’s a good time to spruce up your listing with pristine photos that set the scene for romance. Couples might want to steal away for a long weekend, and what better place than your cozy retreat? Think hot tubs, crackling fireplaces and porches with ocean views.

Those of you with larger homes can start planting mental seeds for ski vacations, holiday dinners and family reunions. What, people don’t travel during the holidays? Oh yes they do, especially folks who are tired of the same routine at Aunt Nelly’s house. Don’t count out those days leading up to or after Thanksgiving and Christmas. Build a deal around them.

Idea No. 1: Throw in a turkey or a bottle of wine for booking your place during Turkey Day.

You laugh, but it’s an incentive folks will remember, and just might make part of their yearly tradition.

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