‘Our Vacation Home is Your Vacation Home’ Giveaway

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For the first time, we are opening the doors to our vacation home. One lucky winner and 7 family members will have the chance to create their own memories at a home that has given my family and I so much joy – from swimming in the lake and building sand castles on the beach to simply relaxing on the porch while listening to the loons sing.

At VacationHomeRentals.com we believe in promising the best prices and more fun than any other vacation rental site on the planet. Above all, we believe everyone deserves a great vacation. Enter now and let us make our vacation home your vacation home.

– Tom Gilmore,  Founder


Share why you need a vacation in the comments section below.

The winning entry will be randomly selected. For additional entries, participants are encouraged to share with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

Read the Terms and Conditions. Winner will be announced on May 7, 2012.

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1,461 Responses to ‘Our Vacation Home is Your Vacation Home’ Giveaway

  1. Minda Nyquist says:

    Why do I need a vacation?? Who doesn’t, right?!?!
    I need one because with my 3 jobs, all working with students ranging from the age of 8 years old to 18 years old, plus working 12 to 14 hour days with students…I could use a BREAK! I am a teacher who works with At Risk students during the school day, trying to get them back on track, help them recover credits, help them with their school life and private life…and then I coach the Dance Team at the high school for 2 to 3 hours after school each day, and then go to a different high school where I do choreography for their musical production. I go from school to school working on choreography and directing young students in middle and high school all throughout the year as well as keep a full time job. Even with all of this, I still have a hard time paying for insurance, bills, every day expenditures. I have not had a vacation in years because I cannot afford it and at my age, (40) I am still having to get help from family members financially. I would love to be able to take them on a vacation and thank them for all they have done to provide for me, support me with my hectic life, and give back to them some much needed rest, love and fun!

  2. Ruth Farnan says:

    I love using Vacation Home Rentals, good to me as an owner renting my place out and the selection of great properties is terrific. I would like to explore some of them further and visit different places.

  3. Sandy Cook says:

    Wow…. giving someone a vacation now that is awesome! I hope you are blessed tremendously for your gift!
    My crew consist of 4, my husband Randy, my son Preston (11), my daughter Lydia (7), and myself. I think we deserve a vacation because of all of the hard work that we do for our community. My husband is the pastor at Shining Light Baptist. We have a strong burden for the youth in our community and spend a lot of time visiting and trying to reach them. He has also volunteered in juvenile prison all along the east coast for about the past 6 years. We love the ministry but it is easy to neglect ourselves and even our children at times so a nice vacation would be a great way for us to spend some family time together. Either way I hope whomever has a blast! God bless!!

  4. marsha shields says:

    I need a vacation because I am the single mom of a transgender child, in addition to working full time in higher education. I am stressed to the max, ready to walk out of my job (1 pay raise in the last five years, due to the state of higher education budget in Ky), and unable to find time to plan anything affordable. I am educated, respectful of the property of others, and clean. We do not smoke. I would deeply love to sit and listen to the ocean.

  5. vicky hinton says:

    I need this in the worst way.

  6. I need a vacation because I have had rough road ive been down this past year.It seems like its one thing after another and soon it feels like the whole world is on your shoulders.I recently lost my home while I look around me it seems like all my friends are doing well and here I am struggling for years trying to keep everything together and still manage to smile and laugh with my friends and family.so I would probally honestly be in shock if I won this because nothing that good ever happens to me.so thank you for giving people this opportunity to enjoy something so nice.

  7. we just got done renting one of your condo’s in lincoln city,oregon. we are now ready to win a free stay in maui in another of your condos..thank you
    joan anderson

  8. Jennifer Nealon says:

    Really, this vacation isn’t about me. I found the website while searching for a cottage to stay at while taking a ‘working’ vacation with some people that I support. They have so little ‘extra’ money that every trip means that much more…it’s not just a matter of saving up, but also finding people who are willing to give so much free time to go with them. I would love a chance to win this so that I can help them reach their goals and have a super vacation!

  9. Life is to short, want to injoy life while I can, my mother & father have past away they always wanted to travel but it was always later. I would love to travel & do what they always wanted to do. That why I want to win :)

  10. Bonnie Richardson says:

    We need a vacation for our 25th year wedding anniversary!!! we are taking the kids! Yahoo!

  11. treva johnson says:

    ok, so who won?