Palm Beach Vacation Rentals: 90210 in 33480

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The Palm Beach Coast of Florida has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to prime real estate. Like Beverly Hills, it’s a wealthy enclave with perfectly manicured landscapes, sprawling mansions and exclusive golf clubs. Oh, and let’s not forget the pearly white beaches and polo lawns.

They play polo in Palm Beach County? Yes, they do.

If you’ve chosen the area for your next vacation, be rest assured: Not every Palm Beach vacation rental encompasses the size of a big-box store. You can find charm in cottages like the one above, a three-bedroom, two-bath Cape Cod home made all the cuter by its white picket fence. A shabby chic interior, blue awnings and petite pool paint that perfect island escape, and alfresco lovers will heart the herb garden and wicker patio furniture.

And for those travelers who can’t resist the world-class shopping, nearby Worth Avenue is every label admirer’s dream. Chanel. Valentino. Hermes. ‘Nuff said.

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