Ready for Summer? 5 Things To Do Before Summer

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Today in New England we got a taste of summer with weather in the 60s! What did this toasty day remind me? I have to get ready for summer. Here are 5 things to do before summer gets in full swing:

1. Prepare the Beach Bag

Your first summer beach trip is often chaotic. Trying to find all the miscellaneous items that are in the back of your closet can turn your sunny beach trip into a sloppy outing. To prepare yourself, get your beach bag ready early. Here is what I always keep in mine: sunglasses, towel, flip flops, sunscreen, a hat, and a cover up. I’d also advise finding your beach chair now and maybe give it a test drive in the back yard on a nice spring day.


To The Beach...



2. Prepare the Beach Body


Winter is the time for warm chowders and heavy meals, which means by summer the whole bathing suit concept seems like a rude joke. Take a look at these simple workouts you can do around the house. One of our readers, Mark, also recommended the perfect push up. Sounds better than my current adequate/ non-existent pushups.


3. Find Your Best Bathing Suit


A big part of finding the best bathing suit is knowing your body. If I had known bandeaus where a bad idea for me a little earlier I could have saved myself from lots of embarrassment. (body surfing + strapless suit = accidental wardrobe malfunction.) Check out these bathing suit tips from Glamour Magazine.


4. Get Your Summer Playlist


It’s not summer unless you have the perfect music to crank in the car with the windows down. I think this country mix might be just what you need to start your summer! Would you listen to this poolside?
5. Find the Perfect Vacation Rental


A week with the family in a cabin in Maine just screams summer to me. This Mid Coast Maine Cottage is where I’d like to head this summer!


lakefront maine cabin


Where do you want to go? Are you starting to plan your summer vacations? Comment with your summer plans.


Do you think I missed anything? How are you getting ready for summer?


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3 Responses to Ready for Summer? 5 Things To Do Before Summer

  1. Dean Martin says:

    Punta Mita Resort in Mexico is also a perfect summer destination. Apart from the awesome pools and beaches, affordable vacations are just around. I stayed in Hacienda De Mita and gee, I was extremely satisfied with its location and services. Great thing is my condo was not too far in the gym so there’s no problem for me to stay ripped while having fun under the sun.

    • Kendra says:

      Sounds like you had a great vacation while staying fit, Dean! I’m not sure I’ve ever done that combo but it sounds like it’d be worth a try.

      • Dean says:

        Yes, it’s worth the try. Staying fit while having a vacation improves your self-esteem, your confidence and your overall outlook in life.

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