Rehoboth Beach Rentals: Bargain Meets Beauty

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A flashback to college summer break brings to mind rickety, beachside motels–complete with scratchy bedspreads and musty curtains. Back then, it didn’t really matter. Anywhere but your parents’ room over the garage was good enough for you.

Today, you’re captain of a family of four and responsible for finding a comfortable retreat suitable for your brood, plus a few in-laws who decided to tag along on your summer vacation this year.

Super 8s out, Rehoboth Beach vacation rentals in.

This coastal town–just two hours from Washington, D.C.–is a magnet for families along the Eastern Seaboard. It captures the essence of summer: walks along the boardwalk, old-timey rides at Funland, mini golf and arcades for all the skeeball games your tykes care to play. For adults, Reboboth is that endless trip back to childhood that keeps them coming back.

America’s summer capital is also vacation home central, should party size necessitate a larger abode. In the featured three-bedroom townhouse, three levels are immaculately decorated and stocked with all the essentials for a group: a 46-inch HDTV, a library of DVDs, dishware for eight guests, a gas grill, a sun room and a chess/backgammon table. The price beats any hotel considering the square footage involved (more than 2,000 for $1,500 a week from June 26 to Sept. 11).

And if there’s any doubt that it isn’t the perfect summer vacation home, 18 previous renters would disagree. Just scan the user reviews.

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