Resolution No. 2: Be a Kid Again

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Disney came up with a brilliant idea to boost its business: A free ticket on your birthday with valid ID.

Just fill out some paperwork at the will-call window of any park. (Feb. 29 babies, hit Disney World or Disneyland on Feb. 28 or March 1.)

After meeting Mickey and friends, chillax at this Davenport vacation townhouse (about 10 minutes away from Disney), where you’ll be winding down the lazy river or teaching your kids how to do underwater somersaults in the children’s pool. The Regal Palms just happens to be near a championship golf course, too, if perfecting your put is your thing. (To those who say golf isn’t by any stretch a kid’s sport, remember that Tiger Woods started working on that multimillion-dollar swing at age 2.)

This year, keep your all-business attitude in check. Whether you’re in an Orlando vacation home or Anaheim rental, parcel some time for play. Do a cannonball. Play some Foosball.

And don’t forget to get that picture with Minnie.

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  1. This is the best resolution among the seven listed out.

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