Resolve to Relax

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New Year’s resolutions are often aimed at self improvement. Self improvement doesn’t have to be a painful exercise plan or learning a grueling new skill. Self improvement is as simple as developing a little more self respect. Respect yourself this New Year and resolve to relax. Plan your vacations so you can really enjoy them. Make your vacations something to motivate you rather than a hasty escape when you’re on your last leg.

So how do you plan the best vacation ever? Break it down into all the ways you can celebrate yourself. Vacation is supposed to be all about you, so go ahead and make it all about you. Most of us want some time to do nothing, a chance to visit something famous or intriguing, good food, and good company. Put these elements together for the best vacation ever in 2012.

Time to Do Nothing

The beach has long been the spot to do nothing. A racy romance novel and a cooler are all you really need. Florida has great beaches and plenty of still water to enjoy too. This house in Cape Coral is perfect for a “do nothing” day on the water. Enjoy a waterfront breakfast on the dock. Drop your boat in the water, and head out for a day of ocean cruising. The canal is great for dropping in a fishing line with the kids or just enjoying the birds. If you need bigger waves, head on over to the beach and park your umbrella for the afternoon. When you get back to your vacation home, a crystal clear pool awaits. There is truly no better way to get this much waterfront relaxation into a single vacation.


Five Star Dining

If you’re really seeking a top rated dining experience, head to Chicago. The city boasts a wide range of famous and critically acclaimed restaurants like Alinea on North Halsted. If simpler fare is what you’re after, you’re in luck. Grab a mushroom pie at Great Lake and you’ll be enjoying one of the world’s greatest slices of pizza. This B&B style apartment in Chicago’s Historic Old Town is perfect for being near all the attractions and the hottest eateries. You’ll be just across the street from the beach, so take your deluxe dishes to go and have a picnic on the waterfront.



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