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When the Times Square Ball drops, where will you be?

2012 is a year with a great deal of promise. From the hype of the Mayan calendar to prospects for artificial intelligence, people around the world are holding their breathe in anticipation. Grab the one you love and head to the big city for the party of the century.

Times Square is the center of it all in the US. If you’re worried hotels are booked, you’re probably right. Grab a cute apartment a block over and be where all the action is. This vacation rental apartment has space for 5, so grab your friends. You’ll have a full kitchen for mixing up your own cocktails if the bars on The Square are too crowded. The apartment comes with all the amenities you need to make your New Year amazing. Wireless internet is included so you can upload your party shenanigans for your friends at home to see.

If you want to be one of the first people on the planet to ring in the New Year, get closer to the international date line. New Zealand will be celebrating long before the US.  It’s also summer time there, so a New Year beach party is a great way to celebrate. Waiheke Island, near Auckland, is a great spot for wine enthusiasts, surfers, and folks coming to relax. The gulf provides a great swimming area during all tides. This house is directly on the beach, making it easy to celebrate in your swim suit. If you’d like to be where the action is, visit one of the nearby vineyards for an all night party. Plenty of restaurants and night life attractions are walkable.

Of all the world’s cities, Rio de Janeiro is famous for its parties. The famous Copacabana Beach is an ideal place to celebrate the new year. This apartment is full of life and located for fun. A city view from the balcony will let you know exactly what’s going on out on the town. The weekend beach front artists’ market is just four blocks away. Plenty of lively venues are just out the door. If the fun is too much, you can recoup in your home away from home. This apartment building has great spa amenities like a pool and sauna.


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