Rio de Janeiro Vacation Homes for Early Early Birds

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In the end, the IOC chose the sexy Brazilian newcomer to host the 2016 Summer Olympics: The girl from Ipanema.

Rio de Janeiro will be welcoming the world’s athletes to the games in 20 years, and while we’re disappointed here in Chicago, at least we lost to a formidable contender.

(Shoot, having lost the battle in the first round of voting, with just 18 of the 94 yeses secured, were we ever really a competitor?)

Let’s not focus on our nickname as Second City, though. What awaits in Rio are peepshow beaches, thrilling nightlife (This is the home of Carnival) and a hair-raising passion for sports. Chicago may have brought out its triple Os–Michelle, Barack and Oprah–but Brazil had a superstar as globally known in Pele.

Rio de Janeiro vacation rentals will emerge as overflow options–or if travelers are smart, alternatives to hotels–for international visitors. lists some 34 vacation condos, like the spanky one above–close to the beach. Would it be wise to look now? Meh. You’re probably safe to wait until at least 2010, but it wouldn’t hurt to stroll around the site to familiarize yourself with the properties.

And if for some reason 20 years isn’t ample enough time to save for a South American getaway, there’s always Chicago vacation homes. Summer is when the city dazzles.

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