Running Away is Okay!

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If the holidays have you overwhelmed, give yourself a quick weekend away to rejuvenate. Taking a vacation doesn’t require a lot of planning and frills. A weekend away should be simple and relaxing with a central activity that will keep your mind off the stress you’re escaping. And that target activity should have nothing to do with the holiday season. Find something hip (shopping does NOT count) and grab a girlfriend. You’ll need a partner in crime for escaping the holiday whirlwind.

Run Away to a Concert

My Morning Jacket will be lighting up the stage in Boca Raton, Florida Saturday December 10th. Live music and a weekend at the beach will transport you to spring break. Your mind couldn’t get further from the holiday madness. Stay on the beach in this adorable and private town home on Highland Beach. You’ll have access to your own private beach right out your door. Enjoy the deck area, a great concert pre-game space for cocktails and friends. The kitchen is newly updated to help you turn cocktail hour into something really fun. If spending the day on the water is what you need to unwind, boat rentals are just down the street.

Run Away to a Wine Fest

The Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival begins December 9th. Celebrity chefs, like Food Network’s Scott Conant and Ingrid Hoffmann, will be there to remind you to stop and taste the good things. Have a few glasses of vintage pinot and unwind. If you’re looking for hotel amenities, private residence spaciousness, and historic charm, the Ambassador Hotel apartment is perfect for you. Ocean view balcony, full kitchen, and daily maid service combine in this historic and updated vacation rental for a vacation full of relaxation.


No matter what your weekend away looks like, you’ll be grateful to yourself for taking one. It’s better to spend the weekend recuperating than to be exhausted by the holidays. Pamper yourself now for a great holiday season to come.



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