Rustic Romance in Virginia Vacation Rentals

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Between the carpooling, soccer games and SAT prep courses, it’s hard to imagine life that doesn’t revolve around your kids.

When you’re not feeding, housing or transporting them, every other free moment is spent anticipating their needs, and rightly so, because you’re good parents who only want the best for your children.

But what about you and your spouse? When was the last time you were alone together?

The secret to a strong union is grabbing those moments of free time when you can get it. Whether it’s swapping babysitting duties with the neighbors or leaving them for a weekend at the grandpa’s and granny’s, couple time should be a priority.

To ease into it, plan an extended weekend to Virginia vacation rentals (like the one pictured). Plan a night where you and your spouse take a road trip to a nice cabin that will feel like your own private paradise.

In the Luray vacation home, you’ll reconnect in the hot tub, make meals in the modest kitchen and take a hike in the Shenandoah Valley before it gets too cold. Up here the main attraction is the Luray Caverns, where the two of you can take tours via glass bottom boats and ooh and aah at the stalactite and stalagmite formations that have dwelled in these parts for hundreds of years.

Yes, if you can believe it, these natural wonders have been down here longer than you and your spouse. So sit back, snuggle awhile, and be grateful that it’s just you, your honeybunch and the shimmering crystals. You may not have this time again.

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