Don’t Rain on This San Juan Island Vacation Home

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I never made it to San Juan. San Juan, Washington, that is.

I was supposed to, but at the last minute, the bride called off the wedding, informing 50-plus guests via e-mail that they “decided to remain friends.”

Ooph. How do you respond to that and as a bride, is it kosher to keep the gifts?

When she shared the news, I hadn’t made reservations yet – for a flight or hotel – but I probably would have booked a place like this San Juan vacation home. Situated on Lummi Island, the two-bedroom, two-bathroom retreat is convenient by ferry, which departs on the hour from 6 a.m. to midnight every day. And the ride is only 10 minutes. Not bad.

You know me – gotta mention the outdoor kitchen. If you can be outside, why wouldn’t you? There’s a week’s worth of whale watching, sailing, biking and canoeing to do.

I’m not a huge hot tub gal (I barely use our jet tub at home), but if that’s your thing, there’s one inside, along with a full kitchen, one queen, king and sofa bed, plus ooh … a fireplace.

I’ll leave this post with two happy endings:

My friend found love and got married last year to a fellow Washingtonian.

The San Juan Islands, according to the official tourist site, enjoy 247 days of sunshine and half the rainfall of Seattle.

Washington vacation without storms? No need to raincheck that trip.

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