Savannah Vacation Rental: Room for Romance

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This Savannah vacation home is the perfect example of a listing that would draw couples or families for a weekend getaway. Charming, historic and budget-friendly, the units (Upstairs and downstairs can be booked separately or together) comprise The McDonough House, where a total of five guests can sleep comfortably on each floor.

The property owner does a great job of selling the house’s location in the historic district (within walking distance to Crawford Square and River Street, providing access to nightlife, antiquing and restaurants along with parking and public transportation) and describing the overall feel of the town. You can picture the live oak trees and Spanish moss and the photos of the horse-drawn wagon and wrought-iron porch deliver the Southern ideal that lures folks to Savannah in the first place.

Now for the vacation home itself.

The circa 1870 space sports traditional touches – crown molding, fireplaces (which are original, according to the listing), chandeliers and a four-poster bed – along with newer amenities like a stainless steel kitchen and jacuzzi tub. The hardwood floors finish off the lived-in, approachable vibe. We’ve all stayed at B&Bs that felt sterile due to its fragile, museum-like furnishings, but somehow this one doesn’t.

Vacation home owners, if you’re lucky to offer property in a city with this much charm, work it in your photos, description and user reviews. The renters will eat it up.

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