Saying ‘I Do’ at an Anini Bikini Beach Vacation Home

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On my list to do before I die: Renew vows in Hawaii.


Cheesy, but true, but I wasn’t “the bride” when I got married in 2002. I mean, I was, and I had a big white wedding in Ireland to boot, but that was my hubs’ dream nuptial. He planned everything, from the vintage Rolls Royce that cruised us to Loch Derg to the chicken vol-au-vent appetizer at the reception.

So let me take this opportunity to scope out the dream site for our next party. What do you think of this Anini Beach vacation home?

The first bash was loud, splashy and an all-out town extravaganza. The next time I want something more low-key, perhaps with just immediate family. With all the Hawaiian condos, huts and cottages from which to choose, the simplicity of this Anini Beachside home spoke to me.

Five steps out the door and you’re looking at the ocean. In fact, the master, living and dining rooms all face the water. I’m envisioning many lazy mornings on the Egyptian sheets with the windows open. Cool breezes. Ah.

The rooms are tastefully decorated without tracesof tacky tropical florals or tiki bric-a-brac anywhere. I could see that dining room table and wicker set in my own house.

The majestic Kamani tree sold me, too. Re: wedding ceremony … Couldn’t you see Chinese lanterns hanging from the branches with an aisle of seashells lining a path to the surf?

Sorry for getting all Modern Bride on you. That’s the wedding planner in me.

Cute house, though, and what a precious name: Anini Bikini.

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