Sea and Space Shuttles Near a Florida Vacation Home

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The listing for this Florida vacation home wins on two counts: a clever lead photo and a direct, simple headline that makes travelers want to click through.

A long brick red-hued staircase dramatically leads to the beach at this Melbourne vacation rental, a location echoed in the header. Vacation property owners, take note: Aim for the wow factor when choosing pictures to upload. Think simple, clean lines and rooms devoid of clutter and styled in tasteful tones.

The home flashes an added bonus with its external link to its YouTube tour. It takes prospective renters right there, with the smell of ocean spray on their noses, the sand in their toes and the wind flapping in their hair (and clearly audible from the soundtrack).

Sure, it’s one thing to tell folks where your home is–right on the beach–but to prove it is one more step to turning a vacancy into dollar signs.

Finally, the property owner positions himself as a concierge of sorts with the schedule of upcoming Space Shuttle launches. The next one (Space Shuttle Atlantis) will lift off on May 14 at 2:28 p.m. EDT. Nope, no need to drive to the Kennedy Space Center (only 35 miles from the house). You can actually watch it from the back deck. When does that ever happen on vacation?

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