Selling a Dream Vacation Home Rental via Photos

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I look at a lot of vacation rentals by owner, hopelessly pining for the one. I think, “Could I date this house for a weekend?” “Would we hit it off?”

I, like many American consumers, can safely say it has to take a lot to give up my time–and more important–my money for any old vacation home. That’s why it’s so important for property owners to sell the package through gorgeous pictures. In this age of instant Internet gratification, a neatly arranged set of images is a must.

This Tuscon vacation home does the job.

As homes go, it isn’t the most luxurious, but the interior flows. The pictures clearly map out the living, entertaining and sleeping quarters so that would-be renters like me can see exactly where we would be relaxing. The order of these shots makes sense: the front of the Spanish-flavored villa followed by money scenes of desert vistas and a contemporary-styled kitchen, family room, bedrooms and spa-like bathroom.

Owners, never underestimate the power of presentation. Remember, you’re selling renters on the romance of your listing–not just the property itself, and you can’t do that without good photos.

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2 Responses to Selling a Dream Vacation Home Rental via Photos

  1. Heather says:

    You are spot-on with this advice. You are selling a dream, and the photos must illustrate what the reality will be. Just recently I have seen listings showing photos of unmade beds, toilets and kitchens with empty beer bottles on the countertops. What message does that convey? I’ve just completed an ebook describing how to market a property effectively in the low season. One of the 21 ideas in there is to improve the photos, particularly when trying to attract rental clients in a competitive market.

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