September Specials on Hawaii Vacation Rentals

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By the time you read this, the fire from the barbecue grill will be powered off, and the book bags will be waiting by the front door for morning pickup.

Whatever you did, we hope the summer of 2010 treated you right, and how could it not with all that fabulous weather?

This post, however, doesn’t dwell on the past but on the future, and by that, we mean, “What are you doing on Sept. 26?”

Because there’s a September special on Hawaii vacation rentals that is too sweet to pass up, especially if you have the flexibility. From Sept. 26 to Oct. 5, you can rent the featured Pipu Beach Kauai vacation rentals for just $159 a night, a savings of 40 percent. If your party is fewer than four guests, you can just rent the upstairs.

Named as an Editor’s Pick in the Kauai Lonely Planet Guidebook, Aikane Kauai is one of the closest homes to Poipu Beach and stocked with all the island necessities, from snorkeling gear to beach umbrellas. For couples, it’s that romantic tropical getaway you’ve been wanting to take. Think all-day strolls along the protected lagoon and laying out in open, grassy areas.

Guys, the beach’s shalllow, sandy bottom lagoon ensures that you won’t suddenly be knocked down by a monster wave just as you’re going in for the kiss. Because if you’re going to call your weekend a success, you’ll do so by avoiding any visits to the ER.

What a way to ruin a vacation–and your mojo.

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