Shore Vacation Rentals for Summertime Snookis

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I know I’m not the only one to admit that I haven’t seen a single episode of “Jersey Shore,” but ratings for the popular MTV show prove that there are plenty of Snooki and The Situation fans out there.

While the group is moving  its insanely tanned skin and gelacious hair from the Jersey Shore to South Beach this upcoming season, it will be anyone’s guess whether Shore vacation rentals have seen a spike due to exposure on the show. Owners of Shore vacation rentals: Can you say for sure? (Tweet me @checkincheckout.)

Given the craptastic weather this season, I’m betting yes. After that last blizzard, it’s only natural to want to strip down from the down coat to bikinis.

Our featured Seaside Heights vacation homes cater to the budget-savvy family who doesn’t need the high-end amenities of a Malibu beach house. The homes don’t skimp on the essentials, though–dining room tables, grills, bunk beds and full kitchens. Because what else do you need while on vacation but a place to eat, drink and sleep?

Oh, there may be one more necessity: the television. The next season of “Jersey Shore” begins this summer.

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