6 Reasons To Be Addicted To Siesta Key Beach, FL

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Growing up in California, I was surrounded by beaches and the freedom the ocean air brings. There were many times I spent walking back and forth with no precise agenda—except to enjoy the gentle breeze and calming crash of waves. The Pacific coast had the best beaches around; but to my pleasant surprise, Florida opened up an entirely new realm of beach-love. Siesta Key beach stole my heart the moment my feet pressed into that perfectly white, silky sand. From the sunsets to the location, there are many reasons to love Siesta Key beach, but here are six reasons it will have you so addicted you can’t help but come back for more.

1. The Sand is 99% Pure Quartz

When I said the first thing I fell in love with was the sand, I wasn’t kidding. The feel of the soft grains against your skin is incredible. One look down the shore and you will see people lounged out and sleeping. If there was a way for me to haul bags of sand home, my mattress would be quickly tossed to the curb and forgotten. Because the sand is Quartz and reflects the sun, it stays cool underfoot unlike the sand at other beaches that will have you hopping around because your toes are burning.

2. Siesta Key Village

A short walk away from the famous beach is an adorable village that makes up a few blocks. Shops filled with souvenirs, clothing, groceries, décor, and swimwear call you inside. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, it is fun to take a peak around. Intertwined with the shops are delicious restaurants and tasty treats. Michael’s on East serves tasty food in a 1940’s themed club atmosphere and has outstanding service. A favorite place of mine is Hob Nob Drive In; originally opened in the 1950s it will get your burger or hotdog cravings stopped. Another award-winning restaurant is the Broken Egg Restaurant that not only serves amazing food, but hangs breathtaking artwork along the walls. For an entertaining place to eat, the Blue Que Island Grill is a fine dining restaurant that adds live music to the experience.

3. Dolphin Watching

You don’t have to pay to go to SeaWorld to see dolphins jumping playfully through the air, at least not on Siesta Key beach. Every time I take a visit here, I am pointing out, excitedly to my friends, a new animal I spotted swimming through the waves. It is incredible to be in such close proximity to animals as amazing as dolphins.

4. Gorgeous Sunsets

Sunsets, oh how I love you. When a day at the beach is spent and my body begs me for sleep, I always begin packing up my bags and towels to go. As I turn to leave, the sun begins to hide itself and glow its perfect shades of color. No matter how sleep-deprived I am, or exhausted my body feels, I cannot walk away from its beauty. I tell you it is impossible to turn down a sunset while standing on Siesta Key beach.

5. Ideal Location for Weddings

Many times, while relaxing on the beach, I see a wedding ceremony not too far away. As I watch the bride and groom begin their marriage with a kiss, I am always astounded at the beauty around them. It is the prime location to get married. The ocean works as an elegant and timeless back-drop, the weather is ideal year-round, and the natural elements come together for dreamlike photographs.

6. Ocean Activities

To say it simply, Siesta Key beach is fun. There are so many outdoor activities to do, that no one could possibly squeeze them all into one short vacation. From the modest sand castle, to casual biking, peaceful kayaking, or adventurous parasailing high in the air, there really is something to do no matter how old, young, small or large your family is. I often watch enviously from the sidelines, people jumping around and spinning circles in the ocean on jet ski rentals. It is always watching those around me that has me saying, “Next time I come, I am going to try that.” It is that very reason, along with everything else, that brings me back every single time and will also be what brings you back too.


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