Six Flags Summer Vacations

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No, the photo isn’t Six Flags, but the property owner of this Lake George vacation home assures us it’s 30 minutes away from Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Water Park. So you can go canoeing and hit the roller coasters–a win-win.

While Disney World and Disneyland are making it sweeter to visit this year, all the extras–airfare, car rentals, etc.–may not make either an affordable option for your family. Have you thought of Plan B?

Take a road trip to a nearby Six Flags theme park. With attractions in 11 states, there’s bound to be a Six Flags within driving distance. From California vacation homes to New Jersey vacation rentals, lodging is plentiful and a lot more comfortable than that 300-square-foot hotel room that’s been dubbed a “suite.”

If you can swing it, purchase a season pass to maximize those dollars for unlimited trips, free concerts and special events and private access days. Pack a cooler with food, too. My most bitter moment last summer was walking out of Six Flags Great America and noticing all the folks who’d been smart enough to eat in the parking lot. Four hamburgers, four fries and $50 later–for lunch, no less–that image stung.

Oh well. At least we had fun at the park.

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