Sorry, NFL, but we Prefer Hawaii Vacation Homes

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Bummer for you, Chad Ochocinco, but you won’t be playing the Pro Bowl in Honolulu this year. The match-up will be held in sleepy old Miami.

Not that your NFL paycheck can’t, um, buy you a Hawaii vacation rental anytime, but still …

After a season that doesn’t ultimately lead to the Big Game, it is nice to go on a working holiday in paradise.

Besides, the state could have used the extra tourism dollars. The Associated Press reported that the state lost $1.3 billion because Canadians, long a loyal group to the islands, have shied away.  Air travel also dipped 11.7 percent.

You know what to do, America. Especially you West Coasters in Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco, where travelers can score flights for under $400 roundup. And lucky for those of you seeking a spring getaway in April, May or June, that’s perfect timing. That’s the off season in Hawaii, when you’ll find some great bargains.

Just make sure not to hone in on the last week of April, which is Golden Week, a popular time for Japanese tourists–unless you don’t mind the crowds.

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