Spending St. Patrick’s Day In Boston

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St. Patrick’s Day was one of those holidays that I often forgot. Someone usually informed me that I wasn’t “wearing green” with a painful pinch to the arm. It wasn’t that I disliked St. Patrick’s Day; in fact I love all holidays and the traditions that accompany them. I even like the color green. It simply was a day that we never really celebrated in my home, and wearing green was more of a pinch precaution; however, recently my neutral feelings towards St. Patrick’s Day have changed. Moving to Boston really opened my eyes to how much fun it can be to experience St. Patrick’s Day. I never knew how amazing March 17th could be! The celebrations, parade, and activities centered on St. Patrick’s Day made me want to paint my face and dye my hair green. If I had known this was the way people had been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day for years, then you can bet I never would have forgotten it.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The main event of the day starts out with a parade in South Boston. This is a tradition that began many years ago in 1724 by an Irish Society. It focused on celebrating culture and diversity in Boston while giving honor and remembering their Irish homeland; however, it was not the first parade that made this day monumental. In 1776, British troops lined the harbor and Boston city. When a storm hit, British troops and ships evacuated; sparing the lives of many from a battle avoided. Coincidentally, the evacuation was on the same day of the feast celebrating Saint Patrick. “Evacuation Day” was declared a holiday in 1901, and the city threw a huge parade in celebration. I am not surprised that the combining of two holidays made for something incredible. It is now the biggest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the entire country, and has over 600,000 people attend. Even celebrities have made the journey to wave a hand and participate in the event. The parade begins in the afternoon and travels three miles across the city. It is filled with noise from performers, bands, beautiful floats, dancers, local teams, groups, and servicemen. The costumes, history, Irish culture, and specific details bring the entire event to life.

Bar Crawls

The parade is plenty for me to enjoy, but there is so much more to do in Boston. You can begin celebrating the luckiest day of the year by going to the Boston St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Kick-Off Day Bar Crawl. It is an event filled with drinking, of course, along with lots of partying and late-night fun. When it comes to celebrating this Irish-filled day, I always try a few new drinks. The local pubs are packed with people, and after the parade many head over to Stats Bar & Grille for an Irish experience and drink. Dressing up and grabbing a drink is the only way to experience St. Patrick’s Day in Boston. If you haven’t already been to this celebration, I strongly suggest you add it to your bucket list.

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