Summer Series: Chic in the City

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This week I spoke with Lamar, a home owner and professional in NYC. Lamar is a design-oriented homeowner. Take a look at what he had to say about his style conscience apartment, 59113 .


Where is your apartment located?

The apartment is located in Chelsea. As a busy professional who works in Midtown Manhattan I definitely feel that the tree-lined streets of Chelsea offers a great refuge at a slower pace. The distinctive residential feel of the neighborhood, the art-gallery scene, and most recently the newly constructed High Line park draws not only locals but international visitors as well.

What kind of environment do you try and create for your guests?

Personally, I try to create an alternative “spin” to the vacation rental. I hope that my guests can think in the back of their head that staying at my apartment approximates or perhaps even surpasses the experience that they would have at a far more expensive boutique hotel in the city. The apartment truly is a home that has handpicked contemporary furniture and painting reproductions that were originally meant to suit the taste of only one person: myself. Fortunately, I have found that guests have enjoyed this distinctive quality that they are often unable to find at “cookie-cutter” discount hotels within a similar price range.


What do you recommend guests do while in Manhattan?

I imagine that those who choose vacation rentals at a place such as mine are not the typical “tourists.” I recommend that they go beyond the traditional tourist sites and to try to live like a local for an extended period of time. Stroll the High Line during the week. Go to a gallery in Chelsea. See a dance performance at the Joyce. I hope that my guests embrace an experience that is a little bit off the beaten path.

What is your favorite room in the house?

Certainly it is the bedroom. The reason why I call it the “Twombly Suite” is in dedication to my favorite artist who recently passed: Cy Twombly. A reproduction of one of his paintings that I recently purchased hangs above the bed. The oversized pendant lamp gives the space an intimate quality despite the large ceiling heights.

The apartment is clean and white. What is your design inspiration?

I am a die-hard modernist. I think that the gallery-aesthetic punctuated by concentrated points of color, such as my Twombly reproduction, not only visually enlarges the space but gives it a certain dynamism as well.

What advice would you give other homeowner’s renting out their properties?

When it comes to decorating look, look, look and then buy. As a former real estate professional I read plenty of design blogs and magazines on a regular basis and I try to absorb as much as possible when I’m designing a space. In addition, I am also very price-conscious. I try to mix and match mostly “cheap-chic” items with a very select few expensive furnishings.

I love the sparse look of this apartment. I would enjoy eating some pancakes on that adorable dining room table. What’s your favorite part of the apartment?


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