Summer Series: Choose your own View

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Missing the magic of the 70s? This week’s unique property takes you back in time with a vintage VW bus (#52346). I spoke with Dixie and Mike, owners of Florida Oldscool Campers, who opened my eyes to the wonder of the Westfalia.

Where is the Campmobile’s home base?

We are located in St Petersburg, close to Treasure Island Beach.

We offer free airport pick up at our local airports. St Petersburg/Clearwater (PIE) is close but a small airport. Tampa (TPA) is the international airport and just over the bridge. We scoop you up curb side in the Vintage VW Bus you will be traveling in. You will meet so many people in your travels that have had a bus, or want a bus. You get waves, smiles and peace signs and will make friends every time you stop. You are some what of a celebrity. You are traveling Florida in style….

What have you done to make the Campmobile the perfect travel

VW and Westfalia made these the perfect traveling companion. We restore our buses to their original condition.  We take them completely apart and put them back together. We then drive the vehicle on three trips, totaling about 3,000 miles. This is to insure you will receive a smooth dependable ride. We stock these vehicles with place settings, silverware, pots, pans, sheets, blankets, towels, beach towels, lantern, flash lights, head lamp, two camping chairs, tabIe cloth, paper towels, salt, pepper, spices, sun screen, bug spray, etc. We stocked these so the only things you need is your personals. Camping without packing….perfect stress free vacation!

What are some features of the Campmobile?

The passenger seat turns to face the back seat, making a living room. A table can be set up turning your living room into a dining room. The cabinet has a sink with a 5 gallon onboard tank. A two burner propane stove and lots of storage. The back bench (couch) folds down to turn into a double bed. A cabinet above your head comes stocked with all your linens and towels. Once removed you can use for cloths and personal items. There’s a small closet for hanging cloths next to the double bed and a cabinet that holds your icebox for food. The top pops to reveal another double bed. The canvas tent unzips on all three sides giving the feeling of sleeping in a tree house.  When two people travel it is nice to sleep up stairs and keep the downstairs in the living room set up. The bench seat (couch) lifts up to reveal a large storage area. Here we keep your beach chairs, water hose, collapsible trash can, and other camping gear.

What do you hope visitors get from their trip?

We hope our visitors get everything they are looking for. We treat our customers as we would want to be treated on vacation. We feel like vacations are hard to come by these days. Our goal is to set you up for a great, stress free journey. Every rental is unique and we assist our campers with helping them find that perfect campsite. Sending our customers down less traveled roads so they can see things a typical tourist would miss. Stop at any beach and have your home on wheels waiting for you. Pop the top and have lunch or take a nap with the view of your choice.

What is your favorite part of the rental?

We love to pick people up in the winter time; pale, white, with layer over layer of clothes, and many times stressed from everyday life. When they return, they are tan with big smiles. We enjoy to hear the stories of their travels and the adventures they have been on. Most times people want to buy one when they return, but for many people that have owned one in the past, they say it is easier to come rent one from Florida Oldscool Campers.

Keeping these 70’s buses up to rental quality is a hard task. It takes a special type person to do this type of business. We take these Vintage Buses and correct whatever is wrong with them. They each have their own personalities and you get very attached as if they are your children. We are very careful about who we rent to. We only want people who respect the bus and treats it as such. It is not meant to be driven non-stop in the fast lane. If that is the vacation someone desires, we recommend renting a new car. These babies are meant to be taken slow and easy. Take the back road less traveled. Slow down and enjoy life. Isn’t that what vacation is all about?



I am still amazed that one VW Bus can hold two double beds. The bed in the rooftop would be a dream come true. What amazes you about this Oldscool Camper?

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