Summer Series: Sweden without a Passport

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This week I spoke with Brian about his Swedish-inspired home in Oregon, 53343. Brian built this home from the rock foundation up. Here’s what he had to say about his handmade home rental: 


When was the house built?

The Swedish Stuga was built in 2008, but everything used to build it is an antique. The hardwood floors were from a tree cut in the 1930s that I salvaged in the forest (although it was covered with moss and rotten exterior, it was an old-growth and the inside was still good). All the doors, windows, beams came from The Rebuilding Center in Portland.

Most of the furniture is from antique shops in Sellwood. I also made a lot of the furniture. The bed headboards and footboards are made from doors, with crowned moldings from homes in the 1920s.

The inside of your home is impressive, but so are the outdoor renovations. What work have you done on the outside of the Swedish Stuga?

The outdoors were already remarkable: beautiful meadows, acres of forest, and the steel bridge built in the 1970s.

I mined the rock in the patio from an abandoned quarry near Trillium Lake. The foundation is from stones I collected on site. The house itself is painted from a red iron and linseed oil emulsion, very traditional of Swedish homes.

What is your decoration inspiration?

The rental is inspired by little Swedish homes called stugas. My family and I stayed in them while traveling there. In keeping with the Swedish influence, all clocks in the house were imported from Sweden.

What is your favorite part of the home?

For me it is the million acres of national forest land surrounding the home: beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and dense forests.

What outdoor amenities do your visitors get to enjoy?

There’s a river, miles to hike, kayak and canoeing in Trillium Lake, and mountain biking trails.

What keeps visitors coming back?

I think it’s the absolute privacy on 24 acres of private land– and simplistic elegance of the home.


Seems like the perfect peaceful retreat. Can you believe those headboards are made from doors? I never would have guessed. What surprised you about this rental? Take a look at the Swedish Stuga’s website for more photos and the full story behind the property.


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