Summer Series: Unwind on a Floating Home

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This week I spoke with Shirley and Bill who own two floating homes in Norris Lake, Tennessee (31891 and 45161). I came into this post thinking houseboats and floating homes were the same thing. I was definitely wrong. Read about what makes Shirley and Bill’s floating homes so special:


Where are your rentals located?

Our rentals are located at beautiful Norris Lake, Tennessee, just 3 1/2 hours from Cincinnati, OH. We have owned our properties since 2006. At that time we were looking for a lot to build a cabin on. When I was told about floating houses, I thought they were just houseboats. While we were looking at land to build a cabin we realized how important it was to be on a lake, making a floating house perfect for us.

How do you get to the floating house?

Floating houses are unique as they are right on the water.  You step out of your house on to the boat and off you go for your day at the lake. You need a boat to get to the houses as they are anchored out in the bay of the marina.  We do have an 18′ pontoon boat that we rent with our houses for those customers that do not have a boat.  The marina also rents pontoon boats and ski boats.

What do you recommend in the area for guests?

The area is surrounded with Appalachian history. At an Appalachian exhibit, there are hands-on activities for the kids to experience a settlers life. There are hiking trails along the shore of the marina. Gatlinburg is just an hour away, and there is the Norris Dam Overlook with history of when and how Norris Lake was established.

There is also great fishing, boating, and restaurants on the lake at the marinas.  Some of the docks also promote Cornhole on the patios.  Wake boarding, knee boarding and skiing are the most popular water sports.  There are jumping bridges and cliffs, but we have not ventured to try. There are parks for the children with swimming areas and playgrounds and many marines have karaoke on the weekends.

What are some amenities the Floating House has to offer?

The best amenity we have to offer is the lake water. The water is so clear you can not only see your feet, but about 10 feet below. And in the spring you can see the fish that you are going to catch before you even put the bait in the water.

Our 3 bedroom has 2 bathrooms, a great room that includes a dining room that seats 12 and a huge living room with a flat screen TV.  We have direct TV and CD player if the kids want to watch movies.  There is a stereo system in the living room or can be redirected to the front porch.  The front porch is covered so you can enjoy the outdoors in rain or shine.  It also helps to reduce the heat.  We have a swim platform that includes a slide.

What do you hope your renters get from a week at the Whitman Hollow Marina?

We hope that the vacation is so relaxing that people leave their cares or everyday problems at the marina. They stay on the houses in the bay and don’t worry about what yesterday or tomorrow may hold. It is sheer serenity: no cares, no worries, just pure relaxation. When you head home you pick your cares up at the dock and off you go, back to reality.

What is your favorite part of the rental?

Our favorite part of the rental is being at the lake.  We can just relax, go out on the lake, fish or do anything else we desire.  There is no other vacation like this that we have found.


Well the whole house is remarkable, but I think the slide is the best part. Can you see yourself sliding into Lake Norris soon?


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2 Responses to Summer Series: Unwind on a Floating Home

  1. Norris Lake Rentals says:

    If you want to be on the water, there’s nothing for fun than getting a group of people together and staying in these floating houses.

    The Whitman Hollow Marina is a great marina to relax. We’ve stayed there a couple times and highly recommend it.

  2. Norris Lake says:

    The water levels and weather on Norris Lake this year are excellent. Floating homes provide the perfect vacation right on the lake!

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