Swine Flu Dampening Your Vacation?

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Maybe you were just about to part with a deposit for that dream Mexico vacation home, or shoot, maybe you’re in the airport now, en route to your Playa del Carmen beach rental.

Whatever your situation, the media hysteria of late has fueled your fears about going to Mexico. Hey, it’s unavoidable.

A scan through the headlines and images reveals politicians declaring states of emergency, 10 countries seeking bans on pork imports and airline travelers sporting masks. Is it safe to go anywhere?

Well, according to the CDC, while it’s perfectly fine to consume bacon, pork belly and other related products, folks are being encouraged to hold off on non-essential travel to Mexico. No need to play Russian roulette with your health, even if that diving trip in Isla Mujeres does seem like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s not. You can go again.

In fact, play it right, and you might score a deal out of it.

When the US Airways plane went down in the Hudson River in January, it got my friend thinking, ‘What if I booked our vacation right now?’ And he did. He scored a Kauai vacation package for hundreds off the typical sticker price. Obviously he didn’t go right away, but I’d bet airlines that fly to Mexico will be hurting for a while longer while the fears settle down.

Keep your eyes and fare trackers on high alert, though, and surf through our Last-Minute Deals.

Because eventually, this pesky little threat of a pandemic will go away. And by then, you’ll need a vacation.

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