Take a Second Honeymoon

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Perhaps you’ve been married 35 years or maybe only 3. Perhaps you had a huge wedding with 400 of your “closest friends,” or are you one of those hurried couples that eloped? There are a million and one ways to get married, have a family, and be in love. But one thing in marriage is certain: taking some time for just the two of you is essential to keeping your romance alive. A second honeymoon gives you the time away from the hustle of your busy lives to reconnect and relax together.

Imagine yourselves in a cozy cabin, the still morning air filled with bird song, a lake in your back yard smooth as glass. A cup of coffee together in bed or on the porch is a great opportunity to reconnect. This romantic cabin on the shore of Maine’s Brewer Lake is a great get-away for just the two of you. The location is a perfect mixture of seclusion and convenience. You’ll feel like you are far out in the woods. The wildlife and quiet will transport you millions of miles away. Fortunately, you are just a short drive to some of the area’s major attractions like Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. If you wait for late summer to have your second honeymoon, you’ll be in a prime spot to enjoy the Annual American Folk Festival.

A cabin in the woods offers so much for a second honeymoon. You’ll have a full kitchen and a chance to cook together and enjoy a quiet meal together (like in the time before kids). Grill some freshly caught fish or head in to town to enjoy the local fare. Maine is known for blueberries and syrup, so check out sweet treats with your sweetie.

The lake area is well known for loons, so even if bird watching is something you’ve never done before, this is a great spot to get some beautiful pictures of the wildlife. The cabin has an enclosed front porch so you can enjoy nature in an insect-free space. Flat-water kayaking or canoeing makes a great water activity for couples with little or no paddling experience. A picnic on the water in your private row boat will make you feel like your favorite Disney movie romance.

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