Tennessee Vacation Homes for Thanksgiving Weekend

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This year, it’s pretty much a given that Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers will be able to score incredible sales on electronics, clothing and toys. The folks who wake up at 3 a.m. to stand in line at Best Buy are an aggressive bunch, and during this downturn, retailers are more than willing to dangle the deals.

Some of us, though, are happy enough with turkey and kickin’ back with our family. But what if you’re single and don’t necessarily want to go home this year? (Sorry moms, but as much as we’d love your homemade apple tart, we can’t return for every holiday.) Here’s a solution: Round up three solo friends and rent a Tennessee vacation rental.

The property above will be discounted from Nov. 25 to 29 to $585, the price of three nights for four. At almost 1,000 square feet, the Sewanee vacation home is still bigger than lots of city apartments if space prevents you singletons from gathering. Plus, how many places have a strawberry patch, private ponds and canoe on-site?

Of course, there’s the issue of whom cooks what, but that’s the fun of a community kitchen. You all get to taste (and test) together, and the pressure is at a minimum.

So what if you’re a Thanksgiving orphan. Think of it this way: If the stuffing is too soggy, your friends probably wouldn’t take as much offense as Aunt Cindy.

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