Thanksgiving Vacation Idea: A Park City Chalet

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There’s no doubt: In the history books, 2008 will go down as the year of American anxiety. Job losses, the credit crunch, the auto, banking and housing markets crashing down – it’s enough to question what exactly we have to be thankful for.

You might even ask yourself: Is it worth the money, given all that’s going on, to even think about taking a ski trip to a Utah vacation home?

The answer is yes if you had already saved up for the vacation anyway. If you’re hedging, chances are you’ll book the trip off if you find a deal you can’t refuse. This Park City vacation chalet teases with $100 off by the mere mention of the listing on The catch: You have to reserve the vacation home for Nov. 26 to 30.

Yep, Thanksgiving week.

We’re all pinching pennies, which is why this five-bedroom, three-bathroom house would make the most sense for families who love to ski anyway, what, with its proximity to Park City, Deer Valley and other slopes. You’re maximizing the value of the holiday by engaging in an activity the whole family loves.

When it’s time to retreat indoors, play a game of foosball or pile into the indoor hot tub while dad and mom warm up those turkey leftovers. (Because again, it is possible to celebrate the holiday somewhere other than your own house.)

A strained economy stresses all of us out, but that shouldn’t stop folks from finding affordable, creative ways to get back to what really matters: friends and family.

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