Thanksgiving Vacation Rental Trends

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Before the bird can be sliced and the baked potatoes dolloped, your traveling Thanksgiving company will need to navigate the sure-to-be-busy holiday traffic rush. According to AAA, some 43 million Americans will hit the road this Thanksgiving with visions of Mom’s stuffing dancing in their heads.

While the majority of those traveling elect to either spend the night at a family member’s residence or return home when their stomach is incapable of harboring any more pumpkin pie, sees an increase in the number of renters looking to stay in a vacation rental for the Thanksgiving week. It can be difficult to host large families for the holidays, so a spacious vacation rental with a dynamite kitchen appears to be an alternative that more and more Americans are considering these days.

We took a look at the data and put together the infographic below to illustrate the Thanksgiving Travel Trends. Where are people in your region traveling?

Thanksgiving Vacation Rental Trends

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Every US region has their own behavior for the holiday travel. It’s interesting to look at what percentage of the traveling turkey eaters stay close to home, and what percentage hit the open road for far away locations.

In Seattle, 54% stay within the region.

In Chicago, 27% stay within the region.

In New York City, 47% stay within the region.

In Los Angeles, 74% stay within the region.

In Houston, 48% stay within the region.

In Miami, 88% stay within the region.

A lot of folks will be traveling for Thanksgiving this year, but in warm locations like Miami and Los Angeles most of them will be staying close to home.

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