Thaw out in Florida Vacation Rentals

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It’s been an especially tough winter, especially for those who don’t even own, never mind know how to maneuver, a snow shovel (Ahem, my cousin in D.C.).  And while the powdery stuff is so pretty upon first drift, the havoc it wreaks is a pain in the you-know-what. Schools shut down, folks lose power and highways turn into ice rinks with clumsy drivers.

The stress is enough to wish for palm trees and hot tubs–like yesterday. 

A friend’s Facebook update today read, “Happiness is buying tickets to Florida.”

Heck yeah it is.

And the owner of this Florida vacation rental knows it, too, encouraging folks to book his property to thaw out from the frigid temps. For spring break, the Goodland townhouse goes on sale for $1,200 a week. (Although, please email or call the owner for specific deets to find out what dates are eligible for the reduced rate.)

The three-bedroom home is nestled within the Calusa Island Village, a fishing and boating haven. The house is fitted with its own private dock and situated close to a marina for bait, tackle and gas for your boat. If handling slimy skin is not your thing, spend the afternoon at the outlets or Marco Island restaurants.

When you return to your humble abode–so humble that it has an elevator–take a dip in the pool or warm up in the hot tub. Because after a bear of a winter (no thank you, Punxsutawney Phil), it’ll be good to bronze your skin and defrost those bones.

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