The Best Hot Dogs, Blue Cheese and Blue Crabs in the U.S.

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You’re confused. What would a vacation home blog have anything to do with food?

Think about it.

At least 75 percent of a getaway–shoot, sometimes 100 percent–is devoted to sampling the locals’ cuisine. Unless you’re planning to fully utilize that Viking stovetop in your vacation rental, you’re going to be dining out.

Because to be a tourist is to eat like the natives.

Having said that, I’m craving hot dogs, blue cheese and blue crabs this evening. I could easily score the first here in Chicago, but I’ll have to bank some vacation time to visit the next two places that have developed a national reputation for the pungent, creamy stuff and those hunky crustraeans that make my mouth water the minute my plane hovers Chesapeake Bay.

For blue cheese, book a Bay Area vacation home and drive up to Point Reyes National Seashore, which is known first and foremost for its wide open headlands, powerful breakers and multiple opportunities to hike and whale watch. San Franciscans also coo about the locally culled Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co.’s Original Blue, a creamy, silky, robust wedge that will be sure to impress all the foodies in your life as gifts, especially when paired with a nice port.

As a Virginia Beach native and former Floridian, I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect crab. I’ve already found it back home: the Chesapeake Bay blue crab, the mackdaddy of crustraceans. Nothing has come close. My mom used to buy them buy the bushel, steam them in a stock pot, then dip the hunky meat into a sauce of white vinegar, pepper and lemon. This was no easy task by any means. We could sit around for hours cracking those pesky shells with our teeth, hammers, whatever we could find. It was a labor of love, though, and I’m happy to recommend the experience to anyone, even if you have to catch the creatures yourself.

Yes, the cost of a Chesapeake Bay vacation home is well worth it just for a bite into that jumbo-sized claw and hunky shell meat.

In fact, any getaway that involves food–street or high-end–and wine, is justifiable in my book.

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