The Best Parts of the Guest Book

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heather bayer vacation home rentalsIn over 25 years of renting vacation homes, I’ve always left some comments in the guest book along with a thank you to the owners for sharing their treasured place with us.  On the odd occasion there hasn’t been a guest book there is usually a reason for it – the comments left would not have been complimentary!

Rainy days on vacation are often an opportunity to sit down with the guest book and see what other visitors have enjoyed about the property; what restaurants they went to; which attractions are worth seeing, and whether that snorkeling trip we saw advertised was value for money.  From an owner perspective, it’s great to read that our guests have had a great time and have some insight into how well we are doing at creating a thoroughly enjoyable vacation rental experience. Here’s a few things I’ve learned that our guests have enjoyed: 


  • – The classical music playing softly when they arrived
  • – The fresh-baked gluten free goodies we left (date & walnut squares and banana bread)
  • – Finding games they remember from childhood – Monopoly, Scrabble etc
  • – New packs of cards
  • – A wide range of paperback books and DVDs to suit all tastes
  • – The half-day driving tour we suggested (visits a cheese factory, chocolate outlet and a brewery)
  • – Suggestions for rainy day activities such as local museums, art galleries and craft stores
  • – Having a take-away menu for our local delivery restaurant
  • – The herb garden and tomato tubs so they can pick their own
  • – Having fishing equipment that enabled their children to catch their first fish


also ask our guests to tell us if there is anything they would have liked us to provide and it’s gratifying to hear from many of them that there was nothing missing from their experience.  Occasionally there are little things which makes me think they’ve had to think really hard about it – the ice cream scoop, apple corer and meat thermometer were a few suggestions that we were able to implement. Unfortunately we were unable to help the guests who asked for better weather!

What comments have your guests made that make you feel good?  Have they made suggestions that you have acted on?  Are you a guest who has been to a vacation rental and been blown away by the experience?  We’d like to hear that too.


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