The Biggest, Baddest Maine Vacation Rental

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Once a year my office building hosts a guess-how-many-gumballs-are-in-the-jar contest. Everyone enters because the grand prize is season opener tickets to Wrigley.

I lose everytime.

While I can’t dangle Cubs tickets as a reward (I can only offer a nod on this blog–doh!), how many people do you reckon that the Maine vacation rental above can host? And no cheating, please. I see you jumping ahead to the listing.

If you answered 25, you nailed it.

Kossow Lodge, an eight-bedroom home on Crescent Lake, has seen its share of reunions, weddings, fishing trips and snowmobiling outings. It’s a true all-season house, thanks to its access to water, state parks and the Appalachian Trail. Park your 20-foot boat in the dock during summer, then hit the slopes in winter at Shawnee Peak.

If you are brave enough to vacation with 24 of your closest friends or family (And why the heck not? It’s a way to pinch pennies.), don’t worry: Indoor activities abound. There’s a gazebo for card or board games, plus a basement with a slate pool table, ping-pong table, Foosball and air hockey.

Brides and grooms, is your budget holding you back from throwing the splashy reception of your dreams? Full-scale hotel shows are precisely that, and so predictable and passe. This is 2009. Have your ceremony and reception here. The property owner encourages couples to call for rates and limits the guest list to 90 people.

That could be a godsend, though, because after a week with your nearest and dearest, you may be ready to jump in the lake.

Just kidding, mom.

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