The Biggest, Baddest North Carolina Vacation Rentals Around

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If you believe in signs, then the surge in holiday shopping could be an indicator of where we’re going.

After a few seasons of financial restraint, folks aren’t going to stop going on vacation. They’re just going to be smarter about it.

Why then do we pull up one of the biggest North Carolina vacation rentals on our site?

For the obvious reason: With space for up to 38 guests, the Mark Twain vacation home might be the year’s best bargain at $6,995 a week through April 17. By pouncing on the deal ahead of spring and summer breaks, you’re already saving money by getting your family to plan accordingly and budget their money.

Consider the Corolla vacation rental your loved ones’ very own resort.

The 18–yes, 18!–bedroom home boasts a certain exclusivity with a location 1.75 miles off a hard surface road. Only drivers of 4x4s will be able to reach the house. But the end of the rugged terrain is the promise of a getaway as grand as your dreams.

Twelve bedrooms anchor the first floor and showcase Jack & Jill serenity tubs and showers. Your family can meet in the middle on the second floor to cook on Viking appliances, break a sweat on the Solo-Flex machines or stage an impromptu concert on the raised stage, where a Yamaha grand piano commands just as much attention as the floor-to-ceiling windows.

On the third floor, find six more bedrooms that look out to the sound and ocean. Old-style bathrooms sparkle with marble, while some even have claw foot bath tubs.

And now, for the real wow factors, starting in order of awesomeness:

1. A private raised boardwalk that leads to a gazebo perched on a dune

2. Covered wraparound porches on two levels

3. Wild horses that roam the grounds before 9 a.m.

Welcome to the granddaddy of Corolla vacation rentals.

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