The Great Bedroom Debate

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When you are looking for a place for you and your family how many bedrooms do you look for? I have a small family, so I am always bummed when I find a beautiful place with more than 2 bedrooms. Exhibit A:

This gorgeous Tampa, Florida home has an infinity pool, an open floor plan, and six bedrooms. And they aren’t any kind of bedrooms, they are charming bedrooms.

It’s hard to resist, isn’t it?! I can only imagine how good the view is from that balcony. Makes me want to ask friends to come along just so we could fill the space.

What about you? Who do you usually bring on vacation? How many bedrooms do you look for?


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One Response to The Great Bedroom Debate

  1. I agree! For a family of 3, a 1BR is fine. It’s important to have separate living/sleeping areas so we can stay up past her bedtime and have an eating area but I dont’ care if we sleep in the same room for a few nights. I would take 2 BRs if the cost difference was negligible but definitely find it difficult at times to find a place that isn’t bigger than we need and too expensive!

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