The Hills are Alive in California Vacation Rentals

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The final season of “The Hills” wrapped up with a “huh?” of an ending when Brody Jenner and ex-girlfriend Kristin Cavallari are shown to be embracing on a Hollywood set, crew and all.

All along insiders have hinted at the popular show’s artifice, but somehow it feels funny to discover that the joke was really on us.

Because we wanted it to be real, darnit.

The beautiful blondes, the club life, the clothes, the houses. (OK, so did anyone else notice similarities between LC’s and Kristin’s kitchen and front door? Same house?)

While Audrina and Lo may disappear into the post-reality show black hole, there’s still a way to channel their lifestyles, with or without MTV.

Look into California vacation rentals.

The home pictured plays into our California dreams–a home nestled high above the ‘real’ Hills. From your two chaise lounges, sunbathe with your bff in a flashy monokini, then retire to one of four bedrooms to get freshened up for a night on the town.

An open floor plan encourages just hanging out with friends, with group-ready spaces like that fabulous wraparound breakfast bar in the kitchen, the trampouline and the pool/jacuzzi area.

And as the owner tells it, the home has its own star power: “The house has been used for filming many movies, TV shows, magazine spreads, and music videos.”

Which ones? Like the secrets on The Hills, we may never know, and that’s alright.

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