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This week, all eyes are on Augusta, where Tiger Woods attempts to channel his signature intensity on the green.

During a practice round Monday, spectators welcomed him back with cheers. Will they be as warm on Thursday when he launches the most anticipated comeback of the year?

One thing’s for sure: Tiger will be giving the game of golf the boost it needs after a winter marred by scandal. As the icon continues to work on his personal troubles and focuses on one shot at the time, The Masters, the granddaddy of tournaments, can resume with prestige and the renewed faith of corporate sponsors.

Locally, Georgia vacation rental owners can benefit from the success of the Masters by marketing their properties on The property above is the lone listing in Augusta, and it’s a home worthy of any golf fan looking to experience the city beyond the fabled sports event.

Nestled on Thurmond Lake, the three-bedroom haven was built for those who love to fish, sit on the back porch and swim under a canopy of lush foliage. While it’s not the manse Mr. Woods would be accustomed to, it’s exactly the kind of private digs he would appreciate once the spotlight dims.

For owners with properties in areas hosting marquee athletic events (the Super Bowl, NCAA Finals, etc.), showcasing your home here is great exposure. Visitors find an extended getaway with more space for their dollar than a hotel, and you get a renter.

It’s a win-win.

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