The Most Romantic Beach House Rental in the World

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One of the captions for a photo on this Thailand vacation rental says, “Apartment and view.”

Too funny.

As Americans, we tend to view apartments as the bottom rung in real estate, but this is one apartment that looks more like a Malibu dream house. This beach house rental in Koh Samui simply blows me away.

It’s not the splashiest house I’ve ever showcased on Check-In, Check-Out nor the largest, but its location–on the side of a mountain–can’t be beat. And how many apartments have you lived in that had their own wraparound infinity pool? Uh-huh. To your immediate east, a jungle canopy. Beyond that, a blanket of blue. Heaven.

Nature lovers, take a day trip to the Samui Butterfly Garden and Samui Aquarium or stroll with your sweetie through the fruit and fish markets in the fisherman’s village of Ban Hua Thanon. You’ll be tuckered out from the sun just in time for one more dip (skinny) in the pool.

And guys, you’ve hit the jackpot with this one: a 52-inch TV complete with XBox 360.

Not that you should be “gaming” on vacation, but it’s hard to blame you when the temptation is the size of a two-ton elephant.

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